The Incredible Edible etc.: Turkish Eggs

Well, I may have gotten started too late to participate in any of the End of Month Eggs on Toast Extravaganzas, but any time of month is good enough for an Eggs and Toast Extravaganza at our house. We have eggs whenever the fridge is looking empty and Jeremy wants some protein without waiting for a trip to the store or for a packet of frozen meat to thaw. And—who are we kidding?—sometimes eggs just sound better than that other stuff anyway.

I’m going to make a periodic running series of our egg adventures—though, admittedly, many of these meals are more comfort foods than culinary stretches—so I thought I would start things off with a bang, in a garlicky puddle of Greek yogurt.

Sunday lunch

Jeremy has been on a poached egg kick lately, so good thing my technique is improving. It’s really not as intimidating as it seems, provided you use the freshest eggs you can. I’ve deposited them on pan-roasted asparagus with Parmesan and balsamic reduction, braised Belgian endive with cream and prosciutto, fantastic hash browns from the Good Enough to Eat cookbook, and even on plain buttered toast when he wasn’t feeling so well. So when he asked for poached eggs again on Sunday, I scratched my head and tried to come up with something I hadn’t made before.

The answer was Turkish poached eggs with yogurt and spicy sage butter, a recipe introduced to me by Molly of Orangette several years back. It was one I mentally filed away to try sometime when I was feeling brave, because the plain yogurt made me nervous. I usually keep vanilla yogurt at home for snacks instead, and that works beautifully in desserts, but now we always have at least one tub of plain yogurt on hand also (sometimes in multiple varieties, since Jeremy likes Greek-style yogurt and we always have Nancy’s to supplement the puppy’s meals). While the eggs poached, I scraped the bottom of a container of plain Greek Gods yogurt and stirred it up with some salt and minced garlic, and spread it (a bit nervously, I admit) into rounds on two plates.

Close-up of Turkish eggs

I then snipped and rinsed a few sage leaves from the garden, happily tossing them into the melted butter with a healthy sprinkle of my current favorite spice, smoked Spanish paprika. By the time I had some slices of lovely spinach-onion sourdough bread toasted and buttered, the eggs were ready, and the paprika-butter had started to brown a bit.

This was a fantastic meal. I can always tell when I’ve made something Jeremy really likes because he starts suggesting I should open a restaurant or bakery: dear man. In any case, the garlicky yogurt was perfect with the eggs, and topped with a drizzle of that melted butter, made everything taste really decadent. It was so wonderful that even I was compelled to sop up every bit on the plate with my toast, and I’m absolutely not the toast-sopping sort. This will definitely be one to keep in regular rotation, even with more mundane toast.

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