Lobster Ravioli

It seems like every other time I ask Jeremy what he wants for dinner, the answer is “lobster ravioli”—translation: “I have no preferences; make whatever you see fit.” Although it will be a very long time before we can afford to eat lobsters, and an even longer time before I will have the courage to cook them myself, I have been keeping half an eye open at the store for pre-made lobster raviolis to pull out for fun after one of his mock requests. I finally found some at Costco just before Jeremy’s birthday this week, and could not resist using them for the occasion.

So these probably weren’t the best product I could have bought. Besides the garish red stripes, the raviolis were meagerly stuffed, and many of them opened up while they cooked. They also had an extremely strong seafoody smell that led us to surmise that the “lobster” in question may have actually been langoustine. But at least I tried, right? At least the sauce I made was tasty: a light sherry beurre blanc with a bit of leftover tomato sauce stirred in.

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