Orange Miso Cod and Broccoli Fritters

Ready for a quick, easy dinner recipe with all kinds of flavor? I usually put some sort of crispy crust on cod, but my first instinct was to serve veggie fritters with it this time, and that combination called for some sort of creamy sauce as a unifier. I was feeling lazy and not up to making a separate sauce element for the plate, so I ended up developing one that would bake right on the fish and infuse it with flavors to complement the broccoli and sweet potato in the fritters.


When I looked up “cream and miso” on Google, all that came up was “creamy” vegan sauces, but I was determined to use actual whipping cream in this recipe, so I just made up my own adaptation. The cod stayed nice and moist in the oven and was full of flavor: aromatic orange and ginger, and the subtle umami of white miso. The sauce broke somewhat because of the extra moisture released by the fish, but once I gave it a quick stir, it still served its purpose admirably. I couldn’t ask more of a quick weeknight meal.

The fritters were just an even quicker version of the mixed veggie fritters I have written about in the past: This time I just stuck the cooked veggies (broccoli, onion and sweet potato) in my food processor with eggs and chickpea flour, and pulsed just barely enough to blend and chop the batter. Easy peasy.

Easy Baked Cod with Orange-Miso Cream Sauce

1 T white miso
Zest of 1 small orange
1 tsp fresh ginger, grated or finely minced
1/2 C cream
2 portions of cod fillet, preferably wild-caught

In a small bowl, mix together the miso, orange zest and ginger; pour in the cream slowly, whisking until fully incorporated. Season cod with salt and pepper to taste, and place in a small baking dish (I used 7×11). Pour sauce over cod to cover, and bake at 350F for 25 minutes.

Source: Freely adapted from Kitchen Daily.

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