Egg Drop Soup for Babies

Theo loves long noodly foods and has been enjoying practicing his slurping skills this month. Since he is still almost completely grain-free, I have had to be creative in coming up with foods that mimic spaghetti in shape. Kelp noodles, shredded vegetables, spaghetti squash, and egg yolks cooked in pancakes and julienned are among his favorites right now.

But ever since watching Marina make that nifty Portuguese egg thread dessert on The Taste this fall, I have been wondering if I could use the same technique to make a savory version of egg yolk threads.


The answer to that question is a resounding YES! I just heated some homemade chicken stock, separated an egg yolk, and put it in a sandwich baggie. When the stock was steaming and on the verge of simmering, about where you would want it for poaching eggs, I snipped the barest corner of the baggie, and squeezed a thin thread of egg yolk into the liquid. It set up immediately into long tender “noodles” that Theo was delighted to slurp up. I honestly think this is easily the coolest baby food I have ever made!


I gave him about half of the noodles for finger food, and broke the rest into smaller bites to feed him on a spoon with some stock. Then I made myself a bowl of egg drop soup with spinach and joined him. 🙂


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