Pardon Our Dust

As you can see, I’m giving the blog a much-needed overhaul. Your patience is requested while I work out the kinks… hopefully it will be worthwhile.

Update 6/24/2010: Thanks for bearing with me during the blog’s overhaul. We are still tweaking a few things here and there, but I wanted to make note of some of the new features:

  • My posts now have tags, largely by main ingredients and technique. The “gold star” tag is attached to those recipes we consider to be tried and true family favorites.
  • I streamlined and edited my categories to be more general, in conjunction with the specificity of the tags.
  • My blog now has an up-to-date recipe archive, linked at the top and organized alphabetically. (Now I just have to remember to update it whenever I post.)
  • My list of previous Daring Bakers challenges and further information has grown long enough to have its own page, linked at the top.
  • The search listings have been vastly improved, and now incorporate both thumbnail images and post summaries, rather than just clipping the first few lines of the post. I am still working through these in the archives, so the posts from 2005-07 may still need some updating.
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