Nectarine Frozen Yogurt

Nectarine frozen yogurt

Another day, another scoop of ice cream. Or in this case, frozen yogurt. I found some incredibly sweet juicy white nectarines at LifeSource in June, and had one or more every day, sliced up over honey-drizzled Greek yogurt. I tried to get more of those perfect nectarines the next time we went back, but they only had more ordinary yellow ones, which were tasty but nothing special. After eating one or two with yogurt, I decided to take care of the whole bag at once and make some nectarine frozen yogurt.

I think I used about 5 rather small ripe yellow nectarines, simmered with a bit of water and some sugar until they were tender and had released their juices. That was chilled, then pureed with a cup or so of Greek yogurt, and poured into the ice cream maker. I was basing my recipe on David Lebovitz’s peach frozen yogurt. He mentions for nectarine ice cream that the skins are soft after cooking, so I didn’t bother peeling my slices, but I wish I had strained the puree, because the tiny bits of skin keep catching in my mouth and spoiling the otherwise smooth and creamy texture.

I loved the flavor of this frozen yogurt, but what’s not to like, since I had essentially been eating those ingredients together in another form already. Sometimes, as in the photo, I’ve drizzled it with a bit of candied cherry syrup, just for fun. Jeremy, however, was not a fan. He ate a spoonful or two from the container and decided against having a scoop. More for me! But I did let him call the next flavor we try, which will be—drumroll please—olive oil. I have just the cake to accompany it, too, so that’s the plan for tonight.

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