More NYC Restaurants

Even though we only hit a fraction of the places on my list this time around, the ones we did get to were all very good. Just to name a few:

-Fried egg sandwiches (twice!) and graham cracker ice cream sandwiches at ‘Wichcraft
-Pesto pasta at Ruby’s Café
-Roast chicken at Ouest
-Devil’s food cheesecake at Junior’s
-Ricotta and roasted pepper pizza at Lombardi’s
-Everything at Good Enough to Eat (with all the restaurants in New York City, Jeremy still contrived to get us there twice more before leaving!)
-Roast chicken at Pio Pio (but sorry, honey, I still think the yucca frites tasted like fried blocks of starch. And by the way, don’t walk there after spending an entire day wandering around the Met and the Cloisters—my feet were soooo dead).

A special mention goes to the chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate at City Bakery, which, in combination, nearly sent us into a sugar coma. It was the homemade marshmallow (put in our hot chocolate unrequested, so no charge) that pushed us over the edge.

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