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Leftover Night: Local Edition

| July 21, 2011

Playing blog catch-up with some light meals based on local produce from our home garden and farmers’ market.

Yogurt-Rubbed Chicken and Paneer Pulao

| March 14, 2011


An Indian-inspired meal for the Indian-averse palate: Yogurt-rubbed roast chicken with tandoori spices, and an aromatic rice pilaf with peas and homemade paneer cheese.

When Life Gives You Lemons

| March 6, 2011


Chicken roasted with lemon curd and salmon roasted with lemon slices: two very different, but equally delicious uses for Meyer lemons.

Enter the Samosa

| December 19, 2010


Our first try making samosas was a rousing success—beef, potato and peas in a crispy shell, served with homemade apple chutney.

Do Not Adjust Your Screen

| October 23, 2010


Moroccan stewed chicken with peas, almonds, and butternut squash, served over purple cauliflower couscous—a rainbow of a meal for a dreary autumn day.

Child’s Play, or Spinning for Noodle-Lovers

| August 13, 2010


An easy weeknight meal of cold noodle salad with peanut sauce and leftover chicken turns into a hand-pulled noodle-making production—how does this always happen to me?

Peas and Carrots

| July 20, 2010


Your standard peas and carrots are transformed into basil-scented pillowy pea gnocchi garnished with crispy shoestring carrots.


| June 17, 2010


A quick summer pasta dish that can be served hot, cold or room temperature, tossed with peas, zucchini shreds, and a homemade pesto of fennel fronds and mint. A great way to use up those fronds.

Chicken Mug-Pies

| September 30, 2009


These homemade chicken potpies, served in individual mugs, are creamy, filling and adaptable. The parts can be assembled in advance, and were tasty enough to reduce my husband to gnawing the crust from around the edges of his mug.

Arroz con Pollo and Friends

| November 11, 2008

This easy boneless version of arroz con pollo shows its versatility with an array of leftovers, including breakfast burritos and tortilla soup. Also included is my go-to recipe for fresh flour tortillas.

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