Apple a Day

| October 17, 2011


I love using every part of a purchase! In this case, the scraps from canning applesauce became apple jelly, and the cores from making dried apple rings became cider vinegar.

Honeyed Plums

| October 16, 2011

Italian prune plums are halved and canned in a bath of sweet spices and honey syrup—these gorgeous preserves will be well-appreciated come winter!

Out of the Wild

| October 13, 2011


From wild plums growing in the greenbelt to jars of orange jam in my pantry.

The Cat’s Away

| September 30, 2011


A week’s worth of dinners cooked in my mom’s absence, mostly with a Mexican influence; and a recipe for watermelon salsa.


| September 29, 2011


The last grape post of the season—canning syrup and pie filling, baking pies, and straining homemade vinegar!


| September 16, 2011


Tons of grape jelly made from homemade juice strained through a pillowcase—this was quite the project!


| September 8, 2011


Preserving the grape harvest with lots of canning: jam, jelly, juice, and even vinegar!

Grape Harvest

| September 6, 2011


Harvesting grapes in our backyard, September 2011.

You Can’t Do That on Blogovision

| August 27, 2011


The August 2011 Daring Bakers challenge was making candy, with at least one incorporating tempered chocolate. I made white chocolate-blueberry marzipan bonbons, chocolate coconut figs, cucumber-elderflower pate de fruits, and chocolate-dipped tahini caramels.

Smoky Barbecue & Potato-Beet Gratin

| August 4, 2011

Succulent smoky chicken with peach barbecue sauce on the grill still can’t hold a candle to my potato-beet gratin, believe it or not!

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