Yogurt Made from What?

Water buffalo yogurt

When we were first exploring Whole Foods in the spring, we decided to try a bunch of different types of yogurt. Jeremy tried out Greek Gods and Fage Greek-style yogurts, and I picked out a variety including goats-milk and water-buffalo yogurts. The Greek-style yogurts were winners: we can find Greek Gods locally, and now use that frequently as a snack drizzled with honey, or in various sorts of recipes. Fage makes a better Greek yogurt, though, and we always get some when we visit Whole Foods.

Water buffalo yogurt

I thought the goats-milk yogurt was alright, but it was too thin for my tastes, and on the gamey side. After that I didn’t have high hopes for the water buffalo yogurt, but I had purchased several containers of it and Jeremy wouldn’t touch it, so I gave it a shot. It was a revelation: naturally thick and creamy as cheesecake, and brilliantly white because any carotene is processed into vitamin A by the buffalo. It’s also naturally much higher in protein and calcium, and lower in cholesterol than cows-milk yogurt. It’s made in Vermont by Woodstock Water Buffalo, and the line of flavors is locally inspired. Our Whole Foods doesn’t carry the full range of flavors (I’d love to try chai, honey, strawberry, and black currant), so I’ve been sticking with vanilla and maple, and they’re both delicious, just sweet enough to balance that yogurt tang without tasting like pudding.

Water buffalo yogurt

So be sure to try some of this yogurt if you see it in the store! I picked mine up as a novelty, but I’d always keep some in the fridge now if we didn’t have drive so far to get it.

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